Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi everyone! A lot of exciting things have been going on at the Samuel Elijah Prophetic College. Our SEPC Conference in March was a huge success. Many people came into a greater understanding of what the prophetic is and what it means to hear God's voice. Some of our featured workshops were Dreams and Visions, Overcoming the Fear of the Prophetic, Apostolic Evangelism and the All New Apostolic Movement, taught by our guest speaker, Apostle Jerry Howard. People everywhere were hungry for this information! Some showed interest in attending our school next semester.
         Apostle Jerry Howard spoke on Thursday night and Sunday morning. On Sunday morning, he delivered a message from the story about about the man in Luke 10 that we have never heard before. The man was beaten and left "half dead" on the ground. The ones who beat him thought that they knocked him out for good. Apostle Jerry Howard pointed out-Somebody should have checked him before they left him. He still had half a life. He still had some praise in him! How many times has an episode or hardship in our own lives tried to "knock us out"? Well, they should have checked us before they left us. We should not give up. A Samaritan man came and rescued this man from his state of defeat. A Samaritan is coming to help each of us get up and reach our destinies!