Thursday, November 24, 2016

Five things believers should do in this season of the open door.

Many men and women of God have been proclaiming that we are in the season of the open door. In this season, believers have access to natural and spiritual blessings that they did not have access to before. It has been spoken that God will open doors for new employment, financial blessings, restoration of relationships, opportunities to share Jesus with unbelievers and open heavens in this season. It already has happened for many people! If it hasn't happened for you yet, don't worry. Here are five things Christians should do right now to position themselves to walk through the open doors. 

1.Have a heart of expectancy. 
Believers must have faith and expect that God will really open doors for us. We cannot think things like God will never do it for me. Nothing good ever happens to me. I don't deserve it. We must beware of these thoughts and stop them as soon as they creep into our minds! I have found myself thinking such thoughts numerous times in the past. Lately, I have been training myself to stop these thoughts once I notice them. 
2. Keep your vision and goals in mind. 

   We need to write the vision for our lives down. Proverbs 29:8 says "Where there is no vision, the people perish". If we don't have a vision, we need to look into our hearts and see what our greatest desires are. We also need to ask God for guidance. Everyone should have a vision. A few weeks ago, God spoke to me about writing my vision down and making a life plan. I did that recently and noticed that my focus and productivity greatly improved. We should keep our vision and goals in our minds at all times. Apostle Ricci often encourages people to do something toward their goal every day, even if it is small. If we don't have a vision, we could be easily distracted, which brings me to my next point.

3.Beware of distractions. 

The enemy is working hard in this season to distract God's people so we would miss the open doors. We have to stay focused on God and on his plan for us. Distractions can come in many forms. They can come from outside sources such as illness, personal problems, temptation and unexpected trouble. We can also be distracted internally, by having unproductive or ungodly thoughts, mind fog and confusion. I personally became internally distracted and struggled with apathy in both the spiritual and natural realms. Others have also attested to distraction at this time. We need to be vigilant in not giving in to distractions. 

4.Listen for guidance from God and obey. 

Just as in any other time or season, Christians should listen for guidance and instructions from God and obey them. Obedience is part of being a disciple and son or daughter of God. In relation to this season, obeying God will position us for his blessings. God can open many doors in our lives but we need to do our part and walk through them! We need to fill out that job application, go shopping for that new car or talk to that person about Jesus. We cannot let fear, discouragement or personal pride stop us from obeying God. 

5.Perservere when challenges arise.

 Things may look negative at times but we can't give up! The season of the open door is not trouble free. We have to learn to look at challenges and trouble from God's perspective. God wants to turn things around for us. Romans 8:28 promises "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose". In fact, some doors are opened in the midst of trials. Maybe someone will come to the Lord through a trial.

Encouragement and blessings to all, 

Debra Szubrowski 
Blog Editor