Monday, August 30, 2021

Sonship and Identity

             The Samuel Elijah Prophetic College offers classes such as Introduction to the Apostolic and the Advanced Apostolic Course, which impart revelation about sonship and fathering to its students. Furthermore, sonship is at the heart of every course taught at the college.  

             What is sonship? It is realizing that we are children of the Heavenly Father, and we did not have to work or perform to become His children. All we must do is be born again. Romans 8:15 states "For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, 'Abba! Father!'”. When we are born again of the Spirit, we become heirs of God and partakers of his promises! As sons and daughters, it is also important to connect with a spiritual father who protects, affirms, guides, and imparts wisdom to us. This wisdom will point us to our purpose and help us reach our potential. Spiritual fathering leads us to maturity.    

             Sonship also helps us find our identity. I didn't really “know” my identity until I truly came into the knowledge of my sonship. Up until that time, I honestly wasn't sure who I was, and I sometimes felt like I was wandering through life aimlessly. I had been struggling with an identity crisis for years. I often changed my personality with my environment and would say yes to people just to make them happy. Although beliefs regarding my faith were solid, I often had a hard time making personal decisions because I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I didn’t have a good self-image and thought it would be better if I was different. This was because I didn’t know my worth and did not know how much God loved me. I was also often anxious and restless, always second-guessing decisions I made.   

              After coming into knowledge of my sonship, I began to see myself in a positive light and embrace who I was. There came a point in time where I no longer wanted to be anyone other than myself. I embraced the person God created me to be. I began to have a much stronger sense of purpose regarding my personal life, work, and ministry as well. I still don’t have every piece of the puzzle, but the picture is looking clearer than ever before. I also gradually became more peaceful with myself and the world around me. Apostle Ricci said once “When we come into sonship, we find rest for our soul. When we haven't settled this, we are going to lack peace and be restless.” This could not be truer in my life.  

                No matter what we feel God calling us to do, it is essential that we understand this message of sonship. Everything else in our life and ministry must build on this. It starts with knowing the Father and knowing our identity as His sons and daughters. Whether you are a new believer or seasoned minister, it’s important that you know your identity. Purposes comes from identity.     


    God bless, 


    Debra Szubrowski 

    Blog writer