Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Season of the Open Door

        Greetings everyone! Although we are already two months into the year 2016, Samuel Elijah Prophetic College (S.E.P.C), would like to share some prophetic insight for this year! For months, many prophets have proclaimed that 2016 will be a season of the open door. It will be a year of opportunities. People will be able to do things they were unable to do in the past because the timing is right in this season. Don't give up on promises you received from God!
       S.E.P.C.'s founder, Apostle Ricci J. Hausley, spoke about this during his first sermon of 2016. He preached that in this season, God is going to give us many opportunities. These include spiritual well being, stronger relationships, health, wealth strategies and debt cancellation. He gave us both practical and prophetic insight concerning how to take advantage of these opportunities. In this blog, some key points of his message will be covered briefly.

1. These opportunities might not always come in the way we expect.

        Some of them might come through problems and trouble! Trouble is an opportunity and we need to see it in a different light. It is a gift in disguise. Apostle spoke about looking at situations from a different perspective. We shouldn’t look at how we are feeling. We should strive to see the situation through God’s eyes. When we are offended, for example, we need to see things from another person’s perspective. Instead of getting offended and emotionally involved, he instructed us to switch seats with the person who offended us and see things from their perspective. There will be an upgrade when we do this.
2. We need to shut the doors that give the enemy access.

      Apostle also proclaimed that we need to shut the door on some things. Some of our trouble is not of God, but from the enemy to distract us. We need to close doors that we opened for the enemy to come in. We can open doors spiritually, mentally and physically. Satan has to have a license in order to operate. In other words, we have to allow him to work in our lives. For example, if we think negative, false, ungodly thoughts, we put ourselves in agreement with the enemy. If we listen to ungodly music or watch unwholesome shows on T.V., we open the door for the enemy. James 4:7 clearly states "Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” If we submit ourselves to God and stop giving the enemy a foothold, then he will not have access.

3.Your mouth can be used as a door for the enemy to enter.
     If we don’t control our mouths, then this can be used against us. This is something that many don’t think about. We need to watch what we say! James 3:10 says "From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.” (ESV). For instance, when we say negative, ungodly things about ourselves or others, we come into agreement with the enemy and allow him to affect us. Not everything needs to be said. Anger doesn’t need to be broadcasted.

4. We need to examine ourselves.
      Apostle also advised us to examine ourselves at the beginning of the year and ask "What does God want to change in me?". If we haven't already done so, we should do this today. It could be difficult but we should all take an honest look in the mirror. It is easy to look at the faults of others but not always easy to look at our own.

   Let’s position ourselves to step through the open doors in this season! Submit to God. Shut the door to the enemy. Look for opportunities in unlikely places. God bless.

Debra Szubrowski
Blog Editor