Wednesday, May 6, 2015

From Membership to Sonship

From Membership to Sonship

         Thinking about taking a course at the Samuel Elijah Prophetic College but not sure which one? Why not consider our Apostolic Mentoring course? The Ricci J Hausley Sons and Daughters Assembly that took place in mid-March gave all who attended a taste of what students learn in this dynamic course.
         All who came out to the Assembly were greatly blessed and challenged as Apostle Jim Becton, Apostle Ricci J. Hausley and Prophet Michael Fram brought prophetic and pivotal messages to Eagles Nest Christian Fellowship and to those connected to Apostle Ricci! Many timely words were preached at this gathering- far too many to discuss here. A major theme of the assembly was that God wants His church to shift from membership to Sonship, which will take a change in mindset on behalf of the saints. This theme is covered extensively in the Apostolic Mentoring course.
         The saints were challenged as Apostle Jim Becton preached about the call for us to change inwardly in order for God to change things on the outside. I took a good look at myself at this point. Prior to the gathering, God had been speaking to me about making changes spiritually. I felt the tug of the Holy Spirit on my heart, urging me to stop going about business as usual and to make my relationship with the Lord the central focus of my life again. I had been distracted. I repented and asked the Lord to renew me. So as Becton preached about repentance, changing mindsets, and allowing God to move, I felt like it was confirmation for me.
        We must be willing and ready for change. New wine could not be poured into old wineskins. We have to change our mindsets and ways of doing things. Change is hard for many people, but it is necessary for spiritual advancement and for the shift.
         The shift that was spoken about by all three preachers was the shift from membership to Sonship in the church. Apostle Ricci stated "All human beings have a basic need to be loved, affirmed and cared for." He told us that the purpose of a spiritual father or mother is to fulfill this need in their spiritual children. The saints need to ask themselves these questions: Do I have a spiritual father or mother? Are these needs being fulfilled in my life or do I have an orphan spirit, thinking nobody cares about me? Do I feel the need to perform to get approval? If I have been exposed to the Sonship message, am I understanding and applying it?
          If one does not have a spiritual father or mother, then they must ask God to divinely connect them to one. If they think they can serve God on their own, without spiritual parenting, then they are closed-minded to the shift that God wants to do in the church at large. This is where the need to change mindsets comes in. God wants to work through relationships. We need each other.
         Furthermore, I am asking my own questions. Am I applying what I hear every week? Am I teaching and showing this message to those around me who need it? Everyone needs this message. It’s not just for the church, but is a basic human need that largely goes unmet. God is calling His church to serve more than the local congregation, but to serve the world. He is calling local churches to branch out and connect with each other and with the community.
         Those who attended the RJH Sons and Daughters Gathering should not forget what was imparted to them during that weekend. May this message go forth.


  1. The RJH sons & daughters assembly are vital and necessary spiritually and relational wise

  2. The RJH sons & daughters assembly are vital and necessary spiritually and relational wise